Logonym v0.20 – Special and interesting adventure game Logonym Android ‌ + trailer of
the purchased and complete version of the game presented to you
tested with offline execution

Logonym – Logonim is a special and entertaining adventure style game from Israel Andres Lopez Frias Studio for Android devices, which is offered for money on Google Play and at the request of dear users, the latest version of it as always for the first time in Iran.And published for free on our site. Logonym is one of those weird games that you can not comment on until you experience it! The game world of Logonym is very similar to the world of games like Limbo, but it is certainly not as successful as them. In Logunim you have to recover your soul with a long and difficult journey! The game is by no means going to be simple and extremely hard! So you are not going to face a superficial game! The game world is black and dark as well as soulless! The game’s graphics, like its name and logo, are strangely designed, however, it is not as big as it is! Of course, according to the new content that has been added to the game in the new update, the large volume of the game can be justified. Of course, it should be added that the game has relatively good graphics in terms of art and the design of the characters has been done creatively. There is no problem with the music and sound of the game, and the creators have done a good job in this area. Logonim is a special game! And it benefits certain people! Those who are looking for a new and creative game that is not a cliché and repetitive!




Do not forget that Logonym is not free and you have to pay $ 1.09 (about 12 thousand tomans to our money) to experience it! Now the question that arises is whether the game is worth paying such a fee? If you want to count on our money, of course not! But at a world price, yes it’s worth it. Logonium is not a game that you can tell yourself after buying it, what a good job I did when I bought it! But not too bad! But the important thing is that the game is on our site for free, so use the opportunity and immerse yourself in the strange world of the game! Of course, if, as we said, you want to have a new experience in Android games, otherwise this game will not be very suitable for you and you will probably get hit after playing it for a while. Logonym game now has a good score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Google PlayThis game has just been released for the Android platform and therefore has not sold much, but it is expected to be more successful due to its relatively good quality, so do not hesitate to download it! We have purchased the latest and most complete version of this game in Usroid for free and with a direct link, which you can download with just one click. We hope you enjoy this game and be sure to share your opinion with us about it.

Changes in version v0.20:

* Added the second chapter
* Optimized and fixed some problems