Long Screenshot: Stitch Multiple Screenshots v1.2 [PRO] – Multi-screen and full screen screenshot app Android
Professional and full version of the app worth $ 1.99

Screenshot is one of the main features of Android smart devices that thousands of users use daily to store information. It may have happened to you that while taking screenshots of articles or pages of a website, you have taken several screenshots due to the length of the content! This mode, in addition to occupying the storage memory, causes you to have concentration problems while reading or reviewing the image. Long Screenshot: Stitch Multiple Screenshots PROTitle is a special application for preparing multi-piece screenshots and full screen Android, which was developed by PPN Developers and published in the big Google Play Market. With the help of a unique feature, the above program helps you to easily take several screenshots of long pages and by connecting them to each other, you have a great and detailed screenshot. There is also a full-featured editing tool that helps you make any changes or changes to the captured images if needed.

Some features and capabilities of Long Screenshot: Stitch Multiple Screenshots Android app:

  • Capture long, multi-piece screenshots of articles, web pages, and more.
  • There were no complicated options for taking screenshots
  • Connect recorded screenshots vertically or horizontally to each other
  • Professional editor for making any changes to photos
  • Ability to draw on screenshots
  • Share long recorded screenshots with your friends
  • Very simple and easy user interface

Application Long Screenshot: Stitch Multiple Screenshots benefit from the features and functionality of a variety of recording and editing screenshots has given thousands of people to draw that can now use the newest version of its professional and direct links Usroid get ; In our version, the features are available for free without the need for in-app payments.

Version v1.2 changes:

* Improved UI and troubleshooting applications


Long Screenshot : Stitch Multiple Screenshots PRO