Lost Artifacts: Soulstone v1.9 – Adventure and Strategy Game “Lost Antiquities: Eternal Stone” for Android
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Lost Artifacts: Soulstone – Missing Antiquities: Eternal Stone is one of four episodes of the Lost Aritfacts series, which, along with other games in the series , reached production and release like the first episode . 8floor games ltd studio in Malaysia is the creator and publisher of this game. Just like the first part, we also play Lost Artifacts: Soulstone as the first USA website We have introduced your service to you dear ones and we have prepared the purchased version for download. Notable are the ancient artifacts: The Eternal Stone was previously available for the PC platform through the Steam Store. The game is very similar to the first part in terms of appearance and overall structure, and in fact, it should be said that these interesting features received positive feedback from the audience, and this persuaded the game’s creators to make and release other parts. The company has other interesting games such as DayD: Through time and Royal Roads also has in his portfolio. This game has an interesting and stressful story that makes its general nature more attractive. According to the story of the game, a valuable ancient object called Soulstone or ghost stone (Eternal Stone) will be put up for sale in a big auction at the National Museum, but this ancient work has been stolen and due to individual mistakes, the internal force of this active object Be. This causes the ancient army of Tracota to enter the new world with their emperor. This emperor intends to conquer the whole world, and to do so, he is supposed to use a legendary dragon that has been asleep for centuries and wake him up to destroy the world! But as the main character of the game, Claire, who is an archaeologist, you have to prevent this horrible event!

Some features of Lost Artifacts: Soulstone Android game:

  • Travel to amazing and mysterious lands
  • Playing the role of a Carbold archaeologist
  • Interesting gameplay and a combination of strategy and adventure
  • HD graphics and designs
  • Fun and epic storyline
  • Unique characterizations
  • There are some very interesting themed comics and paintings in between
  • More than 40 steps and missions
  • Ability to build and manage various structures
  • There are hundreds of different items throughout the game to discover and use
  • There are 4 parts and 4 main lands such as the old and ruined city, vast desert, mysterious forests and snowy mountains.
  • Has an educational section at the beginning of the game
  • Interesting sounds and music during the stages

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone is another series of Lost Artifacts games that has been released this time with better features and more details. Follow the story of the game to discover its interesting story. Travel to different places and lands and entertain yourself for a long time by performing various missions in the form of a strategic game. The game’s creators say that Lost Artifacts: Soulstone has more than 20 hours of gameplay and is recommended for all ages. The game has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play. Usroid has prepared the purchased version of this game in a tested form and is ready to download for you dear ones.

Modifications to version v1.9:

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Lost Artifacts: Soulstone