Lost Island HD in US (The Lost Island of HD ) is a new and very beautiful game with great graphics in the style of strategy games and adventure for the Android operating system , and the point is that your plane crashed and fortunately You survived the accident and were trapped on a magical island, and you have to help your little ones and friends survive by creating a small village on this amazing island.

By creating a village, you have to discover different realms, caves, places and objects, and by collecting different resources, you try to increase your capital and entertain yourself for hours. The story of the game does not end with the construction of the village, because there is a wicked wizard living on the island who intends to drive you out of the island, and you have to protect yourself and other travelers by confronting him.

Some features of Lost Island HD Android game:

* Having different tools to build the best village

* Availability of various resources for survival

* Search all parts of the island to discover different secrets

* Play in HD quality and real places

* Stunning graphics compared to its small size

If you want to bring the experience of the best strategy game on your Android phone by building a small village in the middle of the forest, Usroid will offer you the modded version of the beautiful Lost Island HD game, which you can visit by visiting Read more with one click.

 Mod version with unlimited money


Download Lost Island HD - HD game for Lost Island Android




Download Lost Island HD Android APK - Mod



Download Lost Island HD Android APK - Mod



Download Lost Island HD Android APK - Mod



Download Lost Island HD Android APK - Mod