As you know, nowadays the global internet network is used extensively for various purposes, and the diversity of its users is in different age groups and professions. In recent years, along with the remarkable growth in the use of the internet, it has been observed that as soon as a new virus or worm spreads, the victims are mostly users who lack the necessary skills for safe internet use and do not have an adequate level of protection! To use the internet safely, multiple measures must be taken, and undoubtedly, using firewalls is one of the primary and very important steps in increasing security. Using the internet without employing a firewall is like leaving the entrance door of a building open, which unauthorized individuals can take advantage of at any moment!

Today we intend to introduce one of the best and most comprehensive firewall applications for Android called LostNet Firewall Pro. By installing it on your Android tablet or mobile phone, you can take an important step in increasing security and use it to see all the details about the traffic used by your applications and games. This software provides you with extraordinary features to enhance the security of your mobile in the world of the internet.

Some features and capabilities of LostNet Firewall Pro Android app:

* Possibility of blocking a specific program’s access to the internet by the user

* The possibility of applications accessing the internet at a specific time , when Wi-Fi is connected or at any time

* Automatic blocking of untrusted applications that have internet access

* The possibility of manually blocking active processes of various applications in the background

* Having an alarm to notify about the blocked program’s attempt to access the internet.

* Providing various useful announcements regarding the activities of different phone applications Greenify.

* Having other useful functions such as turning on or off protection, simple and user-friendly interface, blocking access to servers in foreign countries, and …

The LostNet Firewall Pro application is now available on the Android market for $0.99 and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Today, we at Usroid are making it available to you as the first Iranian website and you can download it for free with a direct link.


Download LostNet Firewall Pro - a powerful Android firewall application