Update September 2nd: Mod game version has been updated to the latest version 🙂

Love is in small things v1.0.72 + Mod – Romantic and Puzzle Game “Love is in Small Things” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Infinite Tips) Separately
Tested with Offline Execution

Love is in small things – عشق در چیزهای کوچک است is a beautiful and highly acclaimed puzzle game from the Korean studio Lunosoft, available as a free download on Google Play for Android devices. Lunosoft is known for creating and releasing story-driven puzzle games with a mystery theme. The company has used romantic and sentimental content in some of its games, creating a unique and engaging combination for its puzzle games. Love is in small things is one of these games, adapted from a book of the same name by Korean author Puuung, which was published in two volumes in 2020. In 2022, the author collaborated with Lunosoft to turn this charming and romantic book into a beautiful puzzle game. Love is in small things is not just a simple game, but a lasting and amazing work of art where everything is fascinating and captivating. The cartoon designs and artistic animations, challenging and entertaining gameplay, and perhaps most notably, the memorable and impactful soundtrack are among the most prominent features of this artistic work. Usroid proudly announces that as the first Iranian website, it has provided this attractive and lovable title with a separate modded version for download on the web.


Love is in small things


Love is in small things tells a simple and romantic story in the form of a puzzle game. The story is about a young girl and boy who meet each other in a bookstore when the girl fails to reach a book on the top shelf and the boy picks it up for her. The first glance between the two is full of meaning and love, and this leads the girl to fall for the boy in our story. The girl’s character is innocent, a little clumsy, and messy, while the boy’s character is simple but charismatic, kind, and organized, and his innocent face with glasses is more than anything else. In the Love is in small things game, you follow their interesting memories and daily routines in the form of puzzle stages from the day they met. The puzzle style of the game is mostly Hidden Object. With the start of each stage of the Love is in small things game, you are faced with a black and white cartoon image. Your task is to color this image and tell its story. To do this, you need to find the hidden items in the image. After finding each item, you can do this by tapping on it. In many stages, you have to look for small hearts in the image, and in some others, you have to find numbers that have been creatively included in the image. Love is in small things is a beautiful and calming Android game with exemplary designs and an exciting process that can be very entertaining for adventure, romance, and drama game enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that the Love is in small things game has won several awards at international festivals and has been able to receive an excellent 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from users on Google Play. To learn more about the nature of the game, you can first watch its introduction trailer video and screenshots and then download the game in the tested form through the Usroid download box.