LTE Discovery Premium Unlocked v4.38.3 – Android App for Discovering Communication Bands and Enhancing Antenna Power
Premium version with access to all features

LTE Discovery Premium Unlocked is a powerful application for discovering and analyzing advanced signals from powerful cellular towers, made available to Android users by Simply Advanced. One of the problems that many Android users, especially Samsung device users, face is weak antenna reception, to the point where the second SIM card is automatically disabled and becomes unavailable in many cases. This application, with support for various communication bands and a set of intelligent tools, allows users to search and accurately identify nearby cellular towers to find the best communication band for stable reception. The unique system in this software is designed to be compatible with communication bands in each country and, after identifying the country of origin, selects the best cellular tower in terms of communication band based on its system information. In addition to automatic and advanced searches, you can also manually search and select the desired communication band. After the search, any lost connections are temporarily disconnected until the new communication band is selected with a stronger and better antenna reception.

Some features and capabilities of the LTE Discovery Premium Android app:

  • Identification of LTE bands in many countries
  • Identification of EARFCN and Band for many countries when using Qualcomm processors
  • Accurate display of signals and their strength in the toolbar
  • Automatic search for the best and most stable communication band with the cellular tower
  • Alerts for LTE bands and GCIs
  • Search for LTE, 4G, 3G, GSM, CDMA bands (GCI, PCI, TAC, RSRP, RSRQ, band, EARFCN)
  • Access to a wide range of custom settings

The LTE Discovery Premium application, with its support for various communication bands and unique methods to increase antenna strength, has received a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating by paying $4.99 within the app. You can now download the latest unlocked version from the Usroid website.


LTE Discovery Premium