Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game v2.3.87 – Competitive and Multiplayer “My Ludo Club” Game for Android
A small and very enjoyable game in the multiplayer Ludo genre
Tested with offline play (includes online section)

Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game – باشگاه منچ is an incredibly attractive and entertaining title of the popular and old game Ludo, which has been known in Iran from the beginning as Manch. This game has been produced and developed for free. The creator of Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game is the Indian studio Moonfrog. This game is completely free to play both online and offline. Unlike most similar free online games, Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game is not filled with annoying ads and its gameplay is very smooth and simple. Manch Club is a board game that, as its name suggests, is a competitive version of the classic game called Ludo. Ludo is the same as the Iranian Manch with very minor differences, but overall it is exactly the same as the Iranian Manch game. Manch is a lovable and multiplayer game that has been one of the most popular and simplest pastimes for years. Now, to experience the same exciting and competitive feeling, there is no need to find an old Manch or look for a new one to buy! With the advancement of mobile games, you can now easily and without any hassle experience this beautiful game however you want! There are no restrictions on the type of execution of Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game and you can run this game in various ways.


Ludo Club - Fun Dice Game


In the game Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game, you can play in two ways and in two main sections. The first section is the offline section, which is divided into two different types. The first type of game is a single player game with artificial intelligence, in which you can create a 2 to 4 player Ludo game and play against robot opponents. However, this offline section also has a multiplayer or local section! In this section, you can play a 2 to 4 player game on one device. In this mode, all 4 players must be around the phone or tablet, and the device will exactly serve as a Ludo board. Each player is in one corner of the image (just like the classic and physical version) and you can move your pieces. But in addition to these, Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game also has another incredibly exciting and competitive online section. This section can also be run in 2 or 4 player modes. As soon as you choose the desired section, you will go to a room and wait for other players to join, and after they all enter the room, you can start the game and take turns playing Ludo! You can even play this game with your friends! In this section, the possibility of sending emojis and default chats is also included so that you can communicate with other players. At the beginning of the game, you can choose your favorite color and when it’s your turn, click the dice roll button to test your luck to get a number 6 and enter the pieces into the board. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game is a very exciting and entertaining game that with its small size, can keep you entertained for a long time. Be careful not to get addicted to the competitiveness and entertainment of this game! If you crave an interesting nostalgia of Ludo game, don’t miss Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game and download the latest version of it from Usroid right now.