Luna icon pack v1.7 – Luna Icon Pack: A new icon pack with a collection of fantastic icons!
Purchased version of the app worth $1.29 dedicated to you dear ones

Luna icon pack is a very beautiful and lovely icon pack with a unique design from DisplayZen Dev Studio for Android, which is available for $1.29 on Google Play and now the purchased version is in front of you. Surely when you use your mobile phone, you have thought that you want to change the shape and appearance of your mobile phone icons for variety. Luna icon pack includes more than 500 round icons with bright and attractive colors and beautiful frames that are designed for your phone to change its user interface. Luna icon pack has a lot of high quality wallpapers and is designed with 5 widgets that are coordinated with each other to beautify your mobile phone. The Luna icon pack app helps your mobile phone icons look attractive and beautiful on light and dark wallpapers. Luna is the most modern and practical icon pack that has ever entered the world of icon packs. Luna icon pack did not have many icons at first, but with the constant updates and improvements of this program, more and more attractive icons have been added and the number of icons is increasing day by day.

Some features and specifications of Luna icon pack Android app:

  • Having more than 500 high quality and attractive icons
  • Uniqueness of the program
  • Having more than 50 wallpaper models to suit your taste
  • Has more than five KWGT widgets
  • Continuous program updates for improvement and progress
  • Ability to replace different and custom icons
  • Ability to select icons for non-subject items and folders

Luna icon pack app from all Launchers Action Launcher – ADW Launcher – Apex Launcher – Atom Launcher – Aviate Launcher – CM Theme Engine – GO Launcher – Holo Launcher – Holo Launcher HD – LG Home – Lucid Launcher – M Launcher – Mini Launcher – Next Launcher – Nougat Launcher – Nova Launcher – Smart Launcher – Solo Launcher – V Launcher – ZenUI Launcher – Zero Launcher – ABC Launcher – Evie Launcher – L Launcher – Lawnchair – Arrow Launcher – ASAP Launcher – Cobo Launcher – Line Launcher – Mesh Launcher – Z Launcher – Launch by Quixey Launcher – iTop Launcher – KK Launcher – MN Launcher – New Launcher – S Launcher – Open Launcher – Flick Launcher – Poco Launcher supports and you can use them to activate this launcher. Usroid as the latest Android reference in Iran is proud to have purchased the latest and complete version of this program for free and you can always download the latest version from the same page with one click and for half price.


Luna icon pack