LuX IconPack v1.9 – Android’s luxury combination icon pack application!
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LuX IconPack is a dark theme icon pack developed by JustNewDesigns and published on Google Play. When it comes to personalizing the screen and user interface of Android phones, various tools come to mind, each of which changes the screen in some way. According to surveys, even the most ordinary users turn on the screen of their Android phone more than 50 times a day and enter its main menu. For this reason, to make changes to the UI, we must choose a tool that has a direct impact on the main menu of our smartphone. Of all the options available to you, the best one is an icon pack that makes the most changes to the screen in the shortest time possible. As you know, we have assigned a separate category to icon packs on Usroid website, which fortunately has been welcomed by you dear ones. That’s why in this post we are going to add a new item to this category! LuX IconPack is exactly the package we are going to introduce. First of all, let’s mention it as a post! Luxury Icon Pack is a combination package of the most popular startup icons that we use constantly. The dark symbols of this icon pack are specially combined with the main and colored symbols of the programs, which results in special icons. The icons in this icon pack closely have a unique shape and color that can be considered an out of the box package. We must say that this icon pack in the digital age gives a special look to your smartphone.

Complete the charm of the Android screen using LuX IconPack

Apart from the discussion of high creativity in the existing designs, which we have fully covered in the above description, another option that distinguishes the LuX IconPack icon from other titles on Google Play is its very high quality, which in any A display with any refresh rate will give you a fresh display as a gift! In this collection, users have access to more than 3,000 different icons, and we can safely say that many programs and games are supported by this program. However, the development team is constantly trying to provide you with new icons by providing various updates.

A collection of dedicated wallpapers and widgets next to icons

As we have mentioned over and over again, one of the main criteria for a user to choose a startup is the set of features provided by that application. Many icon packs only focus on providing new icons! Although this is not a bad thing at all, we must say that in addition to beautiful icons, we also need flawless wallpapers and functional widgets. To do this, we in the LuX IconPack Icon Pack can not only access a set of icons, but also more than 500 dedicated wallpapers and 10 special widgets are available, which in a way more than ninety percent of your needs in personal discussion They fix the instrument.

Support for popular and various Android launchers

One of the most important things that all users should consider before choosing an icon packs is the launcher they use. Normally we can not easily change our icons in all launchers, and these are the icon packs that we must first of all pay attention to the launcher under their support. Fortunately, the LuX IconPack icon pack supports the most popular Android launchers, numbering more than 25 launchers.

Some features and capabilities of LuX IconPack Android application:

  • Access to a collection of beautiful and unique icons
  • Exemplary creativity in icon design
  • Suitable for all monitors with dark or light theme
  • Over 3000+ diverse icons in a single app
  • Access to more than 500 wallpapers and 10 special widgets next to icons
  • Multiple updates to access new icons
  • Support for the most popular Android launchers

The LuX IconPack app has been released by its developer for $ 0.99 with special and very beautiful icons and has received a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest purchased version of this popular app without any restrictions from the direct and high-speed servers of Usroid website.


LuX IconPack