M³ Translator: Morse code v3.83 [Donate] – Professional Morse code translator application for Android
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Morse code can be considered as one of the first ways of human communication to send messages over long distances, which consists of a set of dots and continuous lines; From the 1210s to the 1280s, the use of these codes expanded and was used in radio communications. Over the years, this type of code is still taught to military students so that they can make the most of it in difficult situations. M³ Translator: Morse code Donate is a professional Morse code translator published by JinH for Android operating system. A set of different languages ​​supported by this unique tool, so that you only need to write the text you need to be in real time and at the same time Morse codeGet it by the program; The translation of the codes is two-way and if you write or copy them, the desired text will be displayed in different languages. One of the most amazing features in this program is the support of code translation modes, so that three modes of sound, flash, and vibration are available in its list of features! Write your text to convey it to your friends as Morse code using the camera flash light. Finally, it is good to know that M³ Translator fully supports Shirin Persian language.

Some features and capabilities of M³ Translator: Morse code Android app:

  • Professional translation of Morse code into various languages ​​and vice versa
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Supports various modes of transferring Morse code to others
  • Flash mode to display codes using light
  • High speed translation of codes
  • Perform all translation steps in real time

Application M³ Translator: Morse code with the support of unparalleled facilities in the field of translation of code Morse has been able to pay in-network 11.00 dollars score 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google gained that can now Most Get the purchased version from the high-speed servers of Usroid site in Iran.

Changes in version v3.83:

* Added new features


M³ Translator: Morse code