Alarm Clock v2.9.10 – Simple and practical alarm clock application for Android devices,
premium and full version of the program worth $ 10.99, presented to you, regular companions of Farsroid

Alarm ClockThe title is a simple, functional and at the same time smart alarm clock developed by MacroPinch and published on Google Play. Alarm clocks play an important role in the lives of all of us humans. They help us to wake up at a certain time or to get to our appointments at the exact time without any problems. However, the use of physical alarm clocks has greatly decreased and everyone uses their smartphone as a clock alarm. The widespread use of this feature by smartphone users has led developers to introduce a variety of software. At Farsroid website, we are constantly trying to confirm their efficiency by testing and running these smart apps and provide the best of them to you Iranian users.

Alarm Clock A simple alarm clock with a dedicated algorithm

One of the most important features of Alarm Clock that distinguishes it from other alarm clocks in the Android Market is its intelligent and proprietary algorithm. You may not notice anything after installing and viewing this program, but you should know that the set alarms will change as your time zone changes!

For example, imagine that you went to another country for a business trip; Other software will not notice these changes, but the above program detects this change with its own special checks and changes the alarm time according to the time difference of hours compared to the country of origin. On the other hand, you do not face any restrictions to create various alarms and you will be able to create more than a hundred different alerts with specific times and different settings.

Special and beautiful screensaver

If you take a look at the Alarm Clock settings, you will notice four different modes of different clocks. Watches that have a special design and their numbers and fonts are so large that you will never make a mistake. However, this software will not only help you wake up but also act as a screen saver.

For this purpose, after setting the alarm, it is enough, do not lock the screen of your smartphone and put your phone next to you. At this time, the additional options available on the screen are removed and only the time and date of the day are displayed. In addition, this screen saver is designed in such a way that a large part of it consists of black pixels and page holders. Children can use it safely.

Various possibilities in a very simple environment

One of the reasons for the high support of users of this alarm clock is its simple environment. However, this simplicity does not indicate its limited features, and you will notice its capabilities only at first glance. To quickly stop the alarm, you can select the volume buttons or the power button as a shortcut, and when the alarm is activated, you can stop the sound by pressing just one key. If you are fast asleep or the Alarm Clock is activated while doing something, the sound will stop after a minute and a list of missed alerts will appear on the screen. In addition, specifying the time display format depends only on you and your wishes, and you can display it in 12 or 24 hour form depending on your needs.

If you use alerts created to remind you of specific daily activities, you can assign different text to each alarm to display that text on the LCD when the alert is activated. By default, there are several different sounds in the ringtone list, but you can use the sounds or music in the memory if needed.

Some features and capabilities of Alarm Clock Android application:

  • Alarm clock is very simple and functional at the same time
  • 4 different modes to display different clocks
  • Ability to use watches as screen savers
  • There were no restrictions on creating various alarms
  • Intelligent algorithm for fast detection of temporal position changes
  • Display lost alarms
  • Use the volume keys or the device power to stop the alarm sound
  • Ability to use your favorite sound as a ringtone
  • Settings for repeating alerts on different days of the week
  • Internal timer to increase concentration while doing your activities
  • Add various texts or titles to alarms

Alarm Clock application with a set of various features and capabilities in the field of turning a smartphone into an alarm clock by its developer has been released for free along with $ 10.99 in-net payment on Google Play and has received a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by users. You can now download the latest premium version from the huge database of Farsroid website .


Alarm Clock