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Magellan TV Documentaries Shared and Full Edition  

Over the relatively long years since the advent of television, various styles and genres of programming have been created for it, and a variety of programs are created to satisfy viewers and attention from different spectrums and strata. Among all kinds of programs, documentaries are very popular and have been able to attract the attention of most people in the community. Documentaries are programs to show events and provide information about scientific, historical, etc. facts that have been very successful in attracting audiences due to their wide range of topics. In addition to entertaining viewers, viewers gain a great deal of public knowledge by watching documentaries, and this is perhaps the biggest reason why documentaries thrive so highly.  MagellanTV DocumentariesTitle is an application for streaming thousands of best quality TV documentaries for the Android operating system, developed by MagellanTV and published for free on Google Play. In this program, you will have access to more than 1500 films and documentary series, from the best documentarians in the world. The documentaries are all of high quality and explore issues in more depth and breadth than the usual documentary programs. Various topics such as war, ancient history, science and technology, religion and culture, and more are covered in the documentaries, and by watching them you can get comprehensive information on a variety of topics. You have unlimited apps available anytime, anywhere on multiple devices, and you can use exclusive playlists to access the best documentaries on a topic. While watching the documentary, no ads will be displayed and your focus will not be disturbed. The content of the program is constantly updated and new documents are added to it. To make it easier to watch documentaries with other people, you can transfer apps from your Android device to smart TVs or gadgets like Chromecast.

Some features and capabilities of    MagellanTV Documentaries Android app :

  •  Includes more than 1,500 documentaries with the best image and build quality
  •  Supports a variety of topics such as war, history, science and technology, health and politics
  •  Add more content to the app on a weekly basis
  •  Has exclusive playlists for access to great content
  •  Ability to cast documents to smart TVs and receivers such as Chromext, etc.
  •  Do not display ads while playing programs and distract the user

Application MagellanTV Documentaries is a great app for all fans and lovers of documentaries that Android users have the satisfaction rating of 3.9 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the shared version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.  

Version v1.1.38 changes : 

* Fixed bugs and bugs in the program


MagellanTV Documentaries