Magic Earth Navigation & Maps v7.1.23.46 – Offline Navigator Android + Database + Iran Map + Persian Speaker
A popular and complete navigator software – the latest version exclusively at your request
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Magic Earth Navigation & Maps – مجیک ارت نویگیشن is one of the best, most popular, and feature-rich GPS navigation and route planner apps from General Magic Studio for Android. We have introduced it to Android phone and tablet users along with a complete database and Persian-speaking assistant (Mohammad and Fatemeh)! By installing Magic Earth Navigation & Maps on your Android device, you will experience a unique and excellent app for route planning with professional and 3D maps and the ability to use satellite maps! The Magic Earth Navigation & Maps app displays maps of different cities and countries on your smartphone with the best possible quality, and there is no need to be connected to the Internet to view the maps. This app is completely free and provides unlimited use, including maps of Iranian cities such as Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, and more! You can enter your desired city or country map along with a male or female voice prompt and enjoy having an exceptional route planner! If you are looking for one of the best and most complete Android route planner apps, we recommend trying Magic Earth Navigation & Maps! This latest version of the app has been released on the market for Android and we have decided to provide it to you along with a complete database exclusively!

Some features of the Magic Earth Navigation & Maps Android app:

  • Using 3D maps
  • Using satellite maps
  • Using information from Wikipedia
  • Including maps of different countries and points
  • Using the application offline without internet access
  • Detecting the best route based on various parameters
  • Displaying driving guidance signs and speed control cameras
  • Ability to set multiple stopping points along the route
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface without ads

The Magic Earth Navigation & Maps application has been downloaded approximately 1 million times by Android users worldwide from Google Play to date. We at Usroid have provided the latest version of the application along with a complete database for download, and you can first view images of its environment and then, if desired, download it for free from the high-speed servers of the website.

1 – It is possible to download maps and use the Persian language within the application.
2 – We have exclusively provided the complete data for your convenience to download.
3 – The installation process is easy; after installing the setup file, download the database and copy the com.generalmagic.magicearth folder to the internal memory of your device under android/data. After installing the application, enter its environment and click on the gear icon to open the General option – on this page, click on the Save Maps option and select (preferably internal storage) to save.


Magic Earth Navigation & Maps