MagicCut: Background Eraser 1.0.5 – Fast and Accurate Background Removal App for Android
Unlocked Version – Professional and Complete App Presented to You, Dear Ones

Many of us have seen background removal tools in the Android market. Some may think they will never need such a tool, but these apps are not only for editing personal photos, you can create various images for your online store using them! A lifeless background or an extra object can ruin the most beautiful photos and poses. In such situations, the best available method is to remove the annoying background or the visible objects in the background. But the question here is, what tool can deliver a suitable output to us?! MagicCut: Background Eraser is an amazing application for quickly and accurately removing the background of images, developed by SilverAI Inc and published on Google Play. This intelligent startup allows us to remove the background of photos or existing objects in images with very high precision, using its extraordinary artificial intelligence. We have several options for removing backgrounds available to us. The first option is automatic background detection and removal. You may also think that in this case, the program does not have enough accuracy; but as mentioned, artificial intelligence prevents any errors and will provide you with a desirable result. Therefore, if you intend to remove the background or extra objects, you just need to select the desired part of your images and leave everything to this startup. Finally, a tool for manually defining borders is embedded in it, which maximizes the accuracy of the work. According to the initial descriptions, if you are an online store owner, then you will undoubtedly need MagicCut: Background Eraser. After removing the background, this app provides you with a collection of different background images that you can use for content production on social media or your personal website. Before saving the images, make other desired changes to them and have a flawless output. Unlike many similar tools in this field, the output image quality is very high, and if you remove any complex object in the most complicated photos, no trace of the removed object will remain and the final image will be flawless.

Some features and capabilities of the MagicCut: Background Eraser Android app:

  • Quick and easy removal of background images in the gallery with just a touch
  • Use of artificial intelligence to increase program accuracy as much as possible
  • Two automatic background detection modes or manual selection mode
  • No trace of removed objects remaining in the images
  • A collection of various backgrounds after removing the backgrounds of your photos
  • An appropriate option for online store owners
  • Simultaneous preview of editing results before saving images

The MagicCut: Background Eraser application has been released by its developer with the use of a diverse collection of internal features and tools for free, along with in-app purchases of $59.99. You can now download the latest professional version of this program without any limitations in accessing all the mentioned features from the direct and high-speed links of the Usroid website.