MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map v1.8.26 – “Niroo Gunshin” Android game map application
Professional and complete version of the program worth $ 6.99 for the first time in Iran

The use of powerful hardware in Android smartphones has created the conditions for many developers to create and introduce successful and famous games for this operating system. Some of these games are in open world mode despite the high graphics; The way we first saw it in the GTA series! The high popularity of this style of games has caused us to see different titles in this field. One of the most famous games of this genre in Android is “Ganshin Force”, which was made by the Chinese company miHoYo Limited, and we have provided it to you in previous posts. This game, which can be considered a combination of several different game styles such as role-playing, action and open world, is bulky and, like other open world games, has various hidden and various places. For this reason, we want to introduce you to a special software in this field in this post!MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map is a game map application of Genshin Force developed by Map Genie and published on Google Play. The above software helps you dear ones to access all the details of Teyvat and identify everything quickly. The exact location of everything you need is specified in this map, which numbers more than 600. All options are in 70 different categories based on which you can filter the displayed results. Use the search bar to quickly find the location you want and mark the best places. To keep as many details as possible after the dots, add notes to them and be sure that you will not forget the activities and options available in that place when you visit the game later.

Some features and capabilities of MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map Android app:

  • Find over 600 different locations such as Anemoculus, Chests and Shrines
  • Put all places and options in 70 different and diverse categories
  • Quick search mode just by entering the beginning of the place name
  • Mark your favorite places for quick access
  • Add notes with full details to your favorite places

MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map application with its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 6.99, which, as always, you can download the latest professional version of it from direct web links site Usroid downloaded.


MapGenie: Genshin Impact Map