MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding is a powerful and practical software for route planning and cycling, developed by MapMyFitness, Inc for the Android operating system. It is available for free on the Android market and has been downloaded by more than 5 million users worldwide. This app turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a smart cycling system, allowing you to track your route, speed, distance, calories burned, time, voice alerts, and more while cycling, and experience the best navigation program on your Android phone. A wide range of features and amazing capabilities are included in this app that meets all your needs in route planning and cycling! If you want to professionally and systematically engage in cycling and achieve your fitness goals, try the practical app MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding.

Some of the features and capabilities of the MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding Android application:

  • Display complete information about distance, calories burned, and …
  • Display your movement speed in various ways, including average, maximum, and current,
  • Having multiple functions for user nutrition and weight tracking to achieve the best fitness
  • Real-time display of average, minute, and maximum during your cycling exercise
  • Background music playback for users to listen to their favorite music
  • Possibility to send or share personal exercises via Facebook and Twitter
  • Possibility of synchronizing the device with CycleOps Joule, PowerTap, Fitbi, Nike+, Garmin, Polar, Timex, and Magellan

MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding application now has a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating in the Android market, and we are now offering the latest version of it, which was released a few hours ago, for free on Usroid. This app was initially offered for sale on Google Play, but in the new versions, it is offered for free.


MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding