MarineTraffic ship positions v3.9.46 – Marine traffic and ship positioning application for Android
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Like air routes, thousands of ships cross sea routes every day; One of the necessities of shipowners is to be aware of the traffic on these routes in order to minimize possible problems by observing the rules. Apart from specialized information systems such as radars, one of the best ways to identify high-traffic routes is to use Android startups. MarineTraffic ship positionsTitle is an application for displaying maritime traffic and ship position, developed by MarineTraffic and published on Google Play. This software, by supporting its powerful and smart stations, provides its users with accurate information about the position of ships at any time and helps to monitor the amount of traffic on the routes. All the information displayed by this program is instantaneous, which can be considered unique in its kind. More than one hundred thousand different ships and boats are supported by this startup, and if needed, you will be able to find the current position of ships in just a few seconds, based on various options. A wind forecasting system is also available to help users monitor the intensity and direction of the wind up to 48 degrees.

Some features and capabilities of MarineTraffic ship positions Android application:

  • See the exact and live location of ships, boats and ports on the map
  • Ability to search the position of ships on the map based on various options
  • Watch the wind conditions live and also predict it for the next 48 hours
  • Estimates the entry of more than 4,000 ports worldwide
  • Ability to manage the list of selected ships
  • Ability to browse images of more than 2.5 million ships, boats and various ports

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MarineTraffic ship positions