Mario Kart Tour v3.4.0 – Action and Racing game “Mario Kart Tour” for Android
Another game from the world of Super Mario with over 10 million downloads
Tested with online play

Mario Kart Tour – Mario Kart Tour is another game released from the world of Super Mario characters and his eternal friends, produced by the Japanese company Nintendo, the creator and owner of the franchise, and released for Android devices. Previously, this company had also released other works of this character for the Android operating system, the most important of which are Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World, which you can download by clicking on the name of each from the relevant page. This time, we intend to introduce another game that, due to its different features, is much more popular than the mentioned games and is currently the most popular game from the world of Super Mario for mobiles. The desired game is Mario Kart Tour, in which, as it is clear, you have to participate in karting competitions in the role of the main characters of the Super Mario World series and create a new excitement for yourself from these games. Mario Kart Tour is actually a remake of the Super Mario Kart game, which was produced and released for the Super Nintendo console in 1992. Mario Kart Tour is also the tenth title in the Mario Kart series, which has now been remade for Android smartphones and tablets.


Mario Kart Tour


Visually, Mario Kart Tour bears a striking resemblance to the classic and popular game, Crash Team Racing, and just like it, in this game, you have to ride karting cars with characters from the Mario series and participate in racing competitions. In Mario Kart Tour, you can use various items and special powers on your way to leave your competitors behind or knock them off the track! For example, you can throw a turtle shell at other opponents, knock them off balance, and stop them. You can unlock different characters and buy better cars in the game. Many score sections and challenges have been added to the game so that players can enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour for a long time and have fun. By earning points and better positions in competitions, you can also upgrade your ranking in online rankings. Interestingly, this game set an incredible record in less than 5 days and registered more than 10 million downloads on Google Play! Also, 4.1 out of 5.0 is the rating that Mario Kart Tour has received so far. We invite you to download the tested version of this game from the servers of Usroid by providing and preparing the final version of this game.

Important Notes:

1 – The game is completely online and may require changing your IP address to run properly.
2 – An Nintendo account is required to access the game.
3 – There is no modified version of this game available. Please refrain from asking questions about it.