Mary’s Recipes: Meal Planner & Grocery List v3.1.2 – Android meal planning application
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 79.99 for the first time in Iran

Mary’s Recipes: Meal Planner & Grocery ListIs the title of a meal planning application developed by Mary’s Recipes and published on Google Play. Our human fuel is food and we need to have at least three main meals every day. With the spread of fast food and rapid access to them, unfortunately, we are witnessing the spread of many problems such as gastrointestinal diseases, obesity and… in the community. One of the reasons why we humans turn to fast food is not having enough time to cook. No one likes to spend hours of their time cooking in the kitchen. On the other hand, sometimes we do not know what food to prepare for meals. However, in this post, we intend to meet all your needs in this field by introducing a software. Mary’s Recipes: Meal Planner & Grocery List software is a suitable solution to meet your needs in this field. As a food planner, this startup helps you know what food to cook and taste at each meal. To have a regular diet, all you have to do is mark the days you want and get a completely healthy diet. Another feature that this startup provides to its users is providing recipes for all foods in the database; Foods that take only 25 minutes to cook each. There is no fast food among the available foods and children ten years and older will be able to eat them. The recipes are designed in such a way that food waste is significantly reduced and your costs are saved. In all the mentioned features, users have access to a professional shopping list; A list that helps you shop for all the groceries you want and never forget any groceries. The program environment is very simple and anyone will be able to use it.

Some features and capabilities of Mary’s Recipes: Meal Planner & Grocery List Android:

  • Create a daily diet plan for the whole week with just one hint
  • A collection of healthy foods without seeing any fast food in the list of foods
  • Access step-by-step cooking recipes for all the foods on the list
  • Need 25 minutes to cook the most complex foods on the list
  • Reduce microwave cooked food with a professional plan
  • Create a shopping list to avoid forgetting when visiting stores
  • Get ideas for cooking new and creative food!

App Mary’s Recipes: Meal Planner & Grocery List to benefit from the features and functionality of its various by your developer for free with in-network $ 79.99 published rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users receive is now You can download the latest premium version from Farsroid website .


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