Math v1.2.1 – Material Design Mathematics Calculator Android application,
purchased version for $ 1.00, presented to you
, introduced and introduced for the first time in Iran

As you can see, calculations have become much easier today, and users are using the same tools to convert or convert their accounts and books. As you know, the first calculator was made by a mathematician, so that he could easily perform the four basic mathematical operations and give the correct answer to different people, after making the first calculator by a scientist. Big Pascal, calculators have become more advanced over time , and so far they have become a code in the heart of smart devices with a variety of capabilities have been added to them. MathIt is a simple material design calculator with an extremely easy user interface for Android tablets and phones, developed by David Šimák and published at $ 1.00 on Google Play. This program helps its users to easily calculate many calculations such as minimum and maximum series, smallest common numbers and و and get an accurate and intelligent answer. There are no restrictions on using this program and you will be able to do any calculation as easily as possible. Apart from the calculator section, there is also a formula section in the list of possibilities in which the formulas of each section of the calculator are available and you can increase your level of knowledge with it.

Some features and capabilities of Math Android application:

  • Simple calculator with very easy environment
  • Ability to perform a set of different calculations
  • Calculates different information of a triangle by entering its sides or angles
  • Ability to calculate the maximum and minimum values ​​of a series of numbers
  • Formulas section to learn math better
  • Calculate the largest common divisor

Math application with two different parts and a user-friendly environment has been able to get a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its price of $ 1.00 and thousands of sales, and now you can get the latest version purchased from the big site. Download Usroid for free; Our version is complete and you can use all its features for free.