[Math Scanner By Photo -Solve My Math Problem v9.1 [PRO – Android Camera Calculator App!
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Calculators are one of the most popular and widely used tools on smart devices that make calculations much easier for their contacts. So far, various calculators with special functions have been published in the Android Market, each of which has a specific task. That’s why we decided to introduce a new calculator in this post. Math Scanner By Photo -Solve My Math Problem PROThe title of a camera calculator for Android tablets and smartphones, developed by Pic Frame Photo Collage Maker & Picture Editor and published on Google Play. First of all, the title of the program may occupy the minds of your loved ones, but it is better to say that the performance of this startup is based on the smartphone camera; To use it, first write your equation on paper or scan the equation in the books using your smartphone’s camera; After scanning the smart system, it easily recognizes the equations and displays their answers. One of the most popular features of this startup is providing step-by-step answers to equations that will help you increase your understanding of the issues. Internal unit conversion tools eliminate any user needs to other peripherals and give you a new experience.

Some features and capabilities of Math Scanner By Photo -Solve My Math Problem Android app:

  • Calculation of mathematical equations and problems by camera
  • Scan exactly the equations without any errors
  • Ability to scan without the need for Internet access
  • Provide step-by-step answers for better learning
  • Solve simple or advanced questions without any restrictions
  • Ability to draw graphs of solved equations
  • A set of internal unit conversion tools

The Math Scanner By Photo -Solve My Math Problem app , with a variety of features and capabilities, has been able to get a score of 2.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying within its $ 7.39 network, which is now the latest professional version. Download it from Usroid website – in our version, all the features of the program are available for free.

Versions v9.1:

* No changes have been made to Google Play for this version of the app.


Math Scanner By Photo -Solve My Math Problem PRO