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Mathematics is one of the fundamental and basic sciences with a history as old as the existence of intelligent human beings. All phenomena in the world can be explained and interpreted using the principles of mathematics. That is why mathematics is considered the language of nature. Therefore, we need to know mathematics to interact with the environment and understand it better. This highlights the high importance of this science, which has made mathematics one of the main subjects in the educational programs of students and university students in all countries of the world. From the time we go to first grade and become familiar with numbers, until the time we leave this world, mathematics is with us. Some people only use basic mathematical principles for financial calculations. Others, however, pursue advanced work in this science or related fields, and mathematics has become one of the main tools in their lives. Whatever it may be, mathematics is a science that must be learned and applied in life in order to not only increase the ability to interact with the environment, but also to have the ability to understand unknown phenomena in economics, politics, statistics, etc. Unfortunately, in Iran, most people only learn mathematics from school, and if they do not receive proper and principled education, they may become disgusted with this science and all related issues for the rest of their lives. Today we have a program to serve you that has tried to solve this problem in a comprehensive and complete way and be a practical and complete guide for mathematics. Math Wiki – Learn Math is the title of a comprehensive and complete application for teaching mathematics, specifically for the Android operating system, which has been developed by the LAKdev software group and is available for free on Google Play. If you do not know what a function is, how to solve quadratic equations, what the Pythagorean theorem is about, and have questions like these, this program is for you. This comprehensive application covers all the topics of the school curriculum with the use of figures, complete explanations, and examples to prepare you for school and university exams. The content of this program is consistent with credible mathematical resources and those taught in Iranian schools.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Math Wiki – Learn Math Android app:

  • A compact portable reference for mathematics
  • Includes glossary of mathematical terminology
  • Suitable for students and learners
  • Ideal for learning and practice
  • Simple and detailed explanation of mathematical principles with numerous examples for better understanding
  • Provides exercises for all topics
  • Presents content in subtopics for easier access
  • Ability to search among the content

The Math Wiki – Learn Math app includes basic principles of mathematics, geometry, equations, functions, probabilities, statistics, differential, integral, analytical geometry, and a practical and comprehensive guide for learning mathematics. It has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the unlocked version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


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