Maths Formulas with Calculator v1.0.33 – Scientific calculator application with Android formula Unpublished
version of the program at your request and for the first time in Iran

Maths Formulas with Calculator Ad-FREEThe title is a scientific calculator with thousands of different mathematical formulas for Android, developed and published by DROID FOUNDRY. This software allows its users to access mathematical formulas in a completely intelligent way and without the need for complex calculations, and to receive the correct final answers to problems. One of the strengths of this software compared to similar versions available in Android markets is the wide range of subsets supported; In order to calculate the types of areas or volumes, there is no need to perform calculations with the formula and it is enough to enter the numbers of the desired parts correctly in their place to get a logical answer in less than a few seconds. Easily solve Laplace transform problems or solve a variety of integral functions without any complexity. Apart from the features mentioned in the calculator The built-in in this application allows you to access more computational options and get answers with more numbers.

Some features and capabilities of Maths Formulas with Calculator Android application:

  • Support for advanced scientific calculations such as integrals, derivative types, logarithms and…
  • Basic calculations of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction
  • Several different themes to change the application interface
  • Supports two modes of radian or degree
  • Volumetric and surface calculations without any complexity
  • Professional converter converts units to each other

Application Maths Formulas with Calculator with a set of specific functionality could trust, and get a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google gained which can now use the newest version without ads from the website Big Usroid Download Kurds.


Maths Formulas with Calculator