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A matrix is ​​a rectangular arrangement of numbers or mathematical expressions formed in rows and columns. So that it can be said that each column or each row of a matrix forms a vector. If you are also interested in mathematics, you will know that many problems are solved by the matrix in just a few seconds and there is no need to go through complicated calculations. Hence many calculations in engineering are taught on this basis. With this in mind, we want to introduce you to a great calculator in this area as always. Matrix calculatorThe title is a matrix solution calculator for Android, developed by kartollika and published on Google Play. This software allows its users to receive the answer in the blink of an eye just by entering the rows and columns of each matrix. You can choose the number of rows and columns and you can calculate the most complex matrices. In addition, all answers are displayed step by step, which in turn causes the user to learn.

Some features and capabilities of Matrix calculator Android application:

  • Solve different matrices with a single hint
  • Ability to solve linear equations through the Gaussian method
  • Very high accuracy in performing existing calculations
  • Adjust the rows and columns of a matrix to suit your needs
  • Option to adjust the size of the default matrices
  • Fill matrices with default bookmarks (single and zero matrices)
  • Calculate the inverse matrix
  • Supports addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • Multiply matrices by numbers
  • Access to day and night themes

Matrix calculator application with a set of special features and capabilities in solving matrices has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads from around the world, which you can now download the latest version without ads and complete it from the link Get Usroid Direct ; This program is introduced at your request dear ones.

Changes in version v2.1.1:

* Fixed problems and bugs in the program


Matrix calculator