After introducing one of the best offline GPS GPS apps called Sygic, this time we are going to introduce another powerful and popular navigation and GPS application called Maverick Pro which also works with offline maps. This great app is able to show you the exact location on a map and be useful for activities such as hiking, boating, cycling and outdoor climbing. This software is able to display all different places online and offline on your device along with the names of streets and other information and bring you the best GPS application.

Some features of Maverick Pro Android software:

* Ability to view different places in the world offline and online

* Share your current location with your friends

* Show streets and their names accurately

* Ability to zoom in on custom locations

* Display the distance between different cities in kilometers

* Having a simple and intuitive user interface

In this post from Usroid , we provide you with the most complete office on running and installing the Maverick Pro program, an example of which you will definitely not see anywhere else! We have a map of big cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Karaj + a map of the whole of Iran with a zoom of 1 to 17 that you can download with one click!

On the other hand, you can download the map of any city you like with Mobile Atlas Creator software, which also provides training on how to work with this program – so stay tuned.

 Version v2.8 changes: (patched version)

* Added new features
* Improved performance and troubleshooting


Download Maverick Pro - Offline GPS Android + map of Iranian cities




Learning to use offline maps that are ready for you:

* In this method, all you have to do is install the Maverick Pro program and then run it and exit the program. Then download the offline map files as you wish, unzip them, and finally copy the maps folder to the maverick folder on your phone (mavericktilesGoogleMaps). / x) where x is the same as folders with numbers 1 to 17.


Download the map of Shiraz from zoom 1 to 17 with a size of 12 MB

Download the map of Karaj from zoom 1 to 17 with a size of 15 MB

Download the map of Mashhad from zoom 1 to 17 with a size of 11 MB

Download the map of Tabriz from zoom 1 to 17 with a size of 12 MB

Download the map of Isfahan from 1 to 17 zoom with a size of 12 MB

Download maps of all cities in Iran with a zoom of 11 and a size of 15 MB

Download the map of Tehran from 1 to 17 zoom with a size of 39 MB

Note: The password for all maps is


Learn how to use Mobile Atlas Creator to download custom maps:

First, a description of Atlas Creator Mobile: An easy and practical software for downloading offline maps, with which you can get various online maps for Sygic and برنامه applications! This software requires Java to be installed on your system to run, so if you do not have this program, get Java 7.0 as well!

So ; Download the following two programs before starting the training:

Download Mobile Atlas Creator 1.9.12 with a size of 5 MB

Download Java 7.0 program with a size of 28 MB

Usage training:

Step 1: Install the Java and Atlas Creator software on your computer after downloading and then run Mobile Atlas Creator; To download maps related to the Maverick Pro application, you must select the Maverick Atlas Format option from the Please select the بخش section and click the OK button .

Step 2: From the Map source tab, you can select one of the options and then go to the Selection Coordinates tab and enter them with the specific point specifications.

Step 3: You can select the desired zoom level (from 0 to 16) and then choose a name for your map from the Atlas Content panel, and after performing the above steps, click on the Create Atlas button to download the maps. Will happen.

Step 4: After the download process is complete, the maps will be placed in a folder called atlases next to the Mobile Atlas icon, where you can place folders saved with different numbers 1 2 3 4 and در in the mavericktilesGoogleMaps path, and Enjoy offline GPS.

Download Maverick Pro Android + Offline Maps