Max Battery Optimizer v1.1.2 [Premium] – a simple and practical application for optimizing Android battery consumption
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 1.99 for the first time on Persian language websites

Smart devices, despite their various capabilities, have various limitations that sometimes bother users, and in some cases the user has to incur high costs. Examples of such problems include the low battery capabilities of smartphones. Consumption and rapid discharge of the battery is one of the major problems faced by the user, and so far various solutions have been provided by smart device manufacturers that meet the needs only for a short time. Meanwhile, the developers, like the manufacturers, have started to introduce applications that reduce battery consumption. Max Battery Optimizer PremiumIs a simple and powerful Android battery consumption optimizer application developed by GoNext App Developers and published on Google Play. As we mentioned, this software helps to save battery life and increase its life by having a very simple environment. There are three different modes for reducing battery consumption, each of which limits the activity of the device and allows the battery to store its energy. A smart panel is also embedded in this program that helps to enable or disable features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile internet and سریع quickly. In addition, the development team allows users to stop background activities without the need for peripherals and prevent excessive battery consumption.


Max Battery Optimizer Premium


Max Battery Optimizer application, with the benefit of its various features and capabilities, has been able to receive a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying within its $ 1.99 network, and now you can download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions from the website. Get the popular Usroid ; As mentioned, this program has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran.

Version v1.1.2 changes:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.