Maze Bomber v0.3 + Mod – Action-packed and highly entertaining game “Maze Bomber” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (get rewards without watching ads) separately
Tested for offline play

Maze Bomber – Thousand Bomber is another well-made and entertaining game from the creative studio ABI Global LTD, which is made for free and is available with in-app purchases on Google Play. Usroid proudly announces that as the first Iranian website, we have provided it for you dear users as soon as this game was released on the web, along with an exclusive mod version. Although ABI Global LTD is not as famous as many other big gaming companies, it is one of the few gaming studios that has created and released more than 120 different games in various genres for Android devices. Almost all of the games released by this studio have an arcade and skillful nature. Maze Bomber is one of the first games of this company that was introduced and released in 2022. This game is made with the idea of the classic and very beloved Bomberman series. The features of this game are similar to Bomberman in almost all sections, which means if you have experienced this classic and nostalgic game before, you will notice this imitation. Stay with Usroid to take a look at the features of the Thousand Bomber game.


Maze Bomber


Maze Bomber has a classic and retro style. The overall gameplay, level design, naming, and gameplay style are just like Bomberman. In this game, you enter a fantasy world where there is no news of various stories and adventures. You are stuck in the role of the main character in a fantasy world and must move on to the next sections by passing through different levels. The game’s levels follow different lands and conditions. Your enemies are demonic creatures, but not very intelligent, who only move in a certain path and return back on that path. Your job is to escape them and not collide with them. At the beginning of each level in Maze Bomber, you must go to a specific point. In many cases, you need to first get a key to reach this point, which may be in another part of the map. Movements in different parts of the map are not easy and challenging because, in addition to moving enemies, deadly traps are also located in different parts that even the slightest collision with them will cause you to lose. But alongside all these challenges and difficulties, you are also equipped with something special, and that is the ability to place bombs. By placing bombs next to wooden houses, you can explode them, and also by placing bombs next to enemies, you can destroy them. The 3D graphics, but fantasy, of Maze Bomber can be interesting, and it is well optimized due to its very suitable size. To download this game, you can go to the download box section of Usroid and download the latest version of the game through the site’s direct links.