Meditation: Lojong Premium v2.29.4 – Premium version of Ludong Meditation and Peace of Mind app for Android
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Meditation: Lojong Premium is a popular and unique application in the field of meditation, meditation and mindfulness from Luojong Studio for Android, which is offered for free with online payment on Google Play, and now its latest full version with all features available Free and paid products are in front of you 100% FREE. Meditation: Lojong program provides users with a new path for meditation and mindfulness that you will experience a complete mental transformation with just a few minutes of practice a day. This program is one of the best programs published in the field of health and fitness; Luojong meditation has been an ancient and profound practice of Tibetan Buddhism to change the mind by integrating meditation into daily life. As you know, meditation has many benefits for mental and physical health. Better concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, increased imagination and creativity, and reduced stress and anxiety levels are the psychological benefits of meditation. In addition, increasing patience and endurance against pain, increasing the quality of sleep and helping to fight addiction are other positive points of meditation in the health of the body. In general, frequent meditation helps to gain a new perspective on life and reduces negative emotions. Daily meditation can help improve performance at work and in personal relationships and is effective in clearing the mind and focusing on the present moment. Some research shows that daily meditation can also help treat depressive symptoms or reduce the risk of depression. In this program, you will learn about the importance of meditation and how to cultivate this habit in your daily life. You still have access to hundreds of meditations and you can enjoy its countless benefits. Users can freely choose the topic that suits them and discover new sections within themselves through a lot of practical exercises. Exercising is like a journey of self-knowledge; To learn to forgive, to be compassionate, to be grateful. The app helps us to know what we really need!

Features and capabilities of Meditation: Lojong Android app:

  • Has a guide to gratitude exercises and access to the appreciation magazine
  • Access to several mental exercise training programs
  • Relaxing meditation and mindfulness
  • Health meditation
  • Anxiety and stress meditation
  • Meditation creates more focus and mindfulness
  • Access hundreds of meditation practice guides
  • Ability to download exercises and listen offline
  • Ability to create playlists of personal favorite meditations
  • Has several programs designed to train the mind
  • Free access to the program for people unable to pay for the program subscription
  • Has a program to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Helping users deal with depression and sadness

Meditation: Lojong program in the Sleep Well section has a variety of meditations designed to improve sleep quality as well as ambient sounds that help you sleep better. In the AROUSE LOVE AND COMPASSION section, you can rediscover yourself and help you change negative thoughts and instill love and compassion in your being. This program has been developed with the cooperation and love and compassion of educators, therapists and mental health experts so that more people can benefit from it. As a result, it has gained widespread popularity among users, earning an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0. As a user of a mobile phone with Android operating system, you can get the latest premium and complete version of this program with one click from Usroid high-speed servers.