Meditation Music – Relax v1.9 – Music and soothing sounds app for Android
Premium and full version of the app worth $ 0.99

Meditation Music – RelaxIs the title of a soothing music and sound application developed by Wisdomlogix Solutions and published on Google Play. If you look at today’s societies, you will notice a decrease in human enthusiasm; This depression and loss of energy is due to excessive activity and heavy workloads. We all need to rest for hours of the day and relax our minds. As you know, sounds have a huge impact on us; In such a way that an exciting music raises the level of adrenaline or a sad music causes us to sink into ourselves! For this reason, the use of sounds helps us to strengthen our spirits and experience a happy life away from any stress. Meditation Music – Relax software with a set of features and capabilities that provides you to help you reach the desired level of relaxation. There is a collection of dozens of soothing sounds and music in this startup, each of which somehow meets your needs. Increasing the level of concentration, reducing stress, a unique meditation experience and… are some of the features that the above app provides you. All the sounds in this collection are placed in special categories based on their performance, and you will be able to play any of the sounds according to your needs. If the default sounds do not catch your attention, you can combine several sounds together to create a completely custom music. When playing audio, images related to the sound space are played, which multiplies the effects of the sound being played. If you are one of those people who try to relieve stress before going to bed, you can make the most of the built-in timer and be sure that your smartphone battery will not be consumed too much.

Some features and capabilities of Meditation Music – Relax Android app:

  • Access to a collection of soothing sounds and music
  • Option to combine soothing sounds and music
  • Display images related to the sound space while playing songs
  • Categorize all soothing sounds in their specific groups
  • Built-in timer for auto-stopping audio playback
  • Support for different languages, especially the sweet Persian language
  • Use a completely standard frequency to play audio and gain a unique experience

Meditation Music – Relax application has been developed for free by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 0.99 with the benefit of its special features and capabilities, and it has been published on Google Play, and now you can download the latest premium version of it. Get some kind of restriction from high speed servers of Usroid website .


Meditation Music - Relax