Memorix Notes + Checklists v8.0.8 [Mod] – a popular note-taking and reminder application for Android
Original version + Mod version (features mentioned) separately
introduced and released for the first time in Iran

All of us during the day may encounter important topics or points that need to be noted and prevent them from being forgotten. As you know, various apps have been published in this field so far, each of which has its own capabilities, and Usroid website has tried to provide you with the best of them. Memorix Notes + ChecklistsIs the title of a popular Android note-taking and reminder app published by Robert Brandner. This software allows its users to quickly create their own notes or checklists without having to go through complicated steps. To increase the detail of your notes, attach your pictures to them and organize them in different colors. The drag-and-drop system helps you prioritize your notes to the top of the page and experience quick access at all times. In addition, the smart reminder option prevents any forgetting of your activities and helps you to finish each activity on time.

Some features and capabilities of Memorix Notes + Checklists Android app:

  • Quickly and cleverly create any kind of notes or checklists
  • Add pictures to your notes to add more detail
  • Various options for organizing notes and checklists available
  • Clever reminders to prevent forgetfulness of your daily activities
  • Create different categories
  • Password protect personal notes or pictures
  • Backup or restore data with one hint
  • Applied widgets for quick access to information

Application Memorix Notes + Checklists to benefit from the features and capabilities of their diverse able to thousands of download rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now newest original mode from the website popular and beloved Download Usroid ; As mentioned, this program has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran.

Changes in version v8.0.8:

* Program fixes


Memorix Notes + Checklists