Memory Booster is a powerful and easy software for optimizing and increasing the speed of your Android smartphone or tablet, which we recommend to you who feel that the speed of your phone has decreased compared to the first days of purchase, and by having and installing it Restore the speed and efficiency of the early days to your phone on your mobile phone! With the features and capabilities of the above program, you will be able to professionally increase the speed of processing and receiving information, and integrate your memory spaces to finally have a mobile phone with the highest processing speed! Not to mention that the memory booster program, despite being free, has been very well received and has been purchased hundreds of thousands of times by users, which we will introduce to you today. If you like a comprehensive optimization software on AndroidBring your phone and double the data processing speed. We suggest you do not miss the powerful Memory Booster application and try it.

Some features of Memory Booster Android app:

* Full report of memory information in real-time

* Displays a chart to provide the amount of free memory, consumption and total memory

* Having a powerful task killer to close running programs

* Ability to close all running tasks and applications with the touch of a button

* Automatically optimize your mobile and place memory at the highest level

* Having a warning icon to notify you of app messages via notification bar

* View complete information of your mobile phone including model , network, company and other hardware information

* Having custom widgets to place on your mobile home screen

* Having a very beautiful and simple user interface with the possibility of performing operations in the background

The Memory Booster app is currently on sale in the Play Store for $ 2.99 and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 , which we put in full version for you today on Usroid and we hope it will be useful.

Changes in version v7.4.2: (patched version)

* Reduce program size + fix bugs and improve program performance


Download Memory Booster - Android optimization and acceleration program