Men Workout at Home – Six Packs in 30 Days v1.7 – Home exercise app for men Android
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Having a six-piece abdomen and a well-trained body is one of the interests of all men around the world. In addition, we all know that in order to achieve a muscular body, we must have various exercises on a regular basis! We all sometimes find ourselves in situations where we can’t go to the gym for a while and train in a private environment. However, interrupting exercise reduces the quality of the muscles and in a short time many muscles lose their ability and volume. That is why we need to have effective training, even if it is a few minutes. Men Workout at Home – Six Packs in 30 DaysIs the title of a home exercise app for men, developed by Fivestars Studio and published on Google Play. This wonderful and complete software helps your loved ones to experience basic exercises in special situations when they do not have time to go to the gym. All you have to do is follow the instructions and the thirty-day challenges available; At the end of the mentioned time, achieve a six-piece abdomen. All the exercises in this wonderful startup are in their own categories that you will be able to benefit from according to your needs. Unlike many similar tools, by doing the exercises, all your training records and the number of movements performed will be saved, and after a while, thoughtful results will be displayed in the form of graphs. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional athlete! Because the exercises and their intensity are suitable for any work sport.

Some features and capabilities of Men Workout at Home – Six Packs in 30 Days Android:

  • A set of sports movements for men
  • Thirty-day sports challenge to have a six-pack
  • A variety of exercises for all muscle groups
  • Categorize all training movements in their specific groups
  • Increase the pressure of the exercises over time, as your muscles grow
  • Save performance and recorded statistics automatically
  • A collection of special training videos for each sport
  • Access exercises in three different levels
  • Chart your weight loss or gain trend
  • No need for any special equipment for training

App Men Workout at Home – Six Packs in 30 Days to benefit from the facilities and its own capabilities by Developer her for free with a paying interstitial 25.99 dollars has been released and rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users has been received . Now you can download the latest premium version of it from the big and popular Usroid website .


Men Workout at Home - Six Packs in 30 Days