MePlayer Audio (MP3 Player) Premium v3.6.99 – Simple music player application based on Android folder
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MP3 players are one of the types of smart devices for playing various music during sports, whose small dimensions allow you to take them with you at any place and time and play your favorite music. Although these small players are still mass-produced and marketed, most users are turning to smartphones and only play their audio files by installing a full-featured player with access to various capabilities. they do. In this post, we want to introduce a simple player just like MP3 players to you dear ones, so that you can play your audio files in just a few simple touches, away from the crowded environments of other software. MePlayer Audio (MP3 Player) Premium is a simple folder-based music player developed by MEsoft for AndroidDeveloped and published. The user interface of this software, far from any complexity and screen simulation, like the players on the market, helps its users to easily access all audio files and play them with very high quality. As the title suggests, one of the best features of this app is its support for folder playback so that you just need to select a file from a folder so that other music can be played automatically. Arrange to start playing. The cover of each audio file is displayed just like CD players, which doubles the attractiveness of using it.


MePlayer Audio (MP3 Player)


Application MePlayer Audio (MP3 Player) Premium With a player like CD Stereo Player has more than 5 million downloads enabled rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now Get the latest premium version for the first time in Iran from the large Usroid site.