Mercury Browser is another free Android web browser that has a very simple user interface, many features and handy with high speed of loading web pages can be the best browser for you who are looking for a free and fast web browser Be, be! This browser, which has been released for the iPhone for a long time, we saw the release of the Android version of it, with which you can open URLs and search engines in the blink of an eye, features such as plugins, user agents, Motion control, automatic storage of forms, etc. will give you a pleasant feeling while browsing the web! This browser brings all the features you expect from a web browser together and you users can load web pages in the most beautiful way possible in different views.

Some features and capabilities of Mercury Browser Android browser:

* Having very stylish themes to customize the look of your web browser

* Having two modes of day and night to avoid irritating your eyes in the dark and night!

* Having a brightness control function to change the brightness of the screen by the user

* Ability to back up bookmarks and restore them if the information is deleted

* Having Private Mode for secure web browsing without saving cookies and history

* Having the function of deleting history and cookies with one click by users

* Password login function to automatically save passwords entered by you and users

* Ability to share files with friends via SMS, Mail, Blue tooth , SNS and cloud servers

* Ability to Gesture control to move your fingers on the screen to switch

* Have a page search function to search the page in front of you for specific words

* Includes 12 popular search engines to choose from – fast and easy search

* Having plugins such as Useful Reader, Translate , Dropbox and Ad block to increase the features and enjoyable web browsing experience

Browser Mercury Browser has now received more than 100 thousand times by Android users today and we Farsrvyd latest version of habitual users’ve put it to you …

 Changes in version v3.2.3:

* Added several new and great features

* Fixed program issues and performance improvements


Download Mercury Browser - a powerful and free internet browser for Android