Merge Catgirl v1.2.5 + Mod – Simulation, girly and fancy game “Combining Catgirls” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested running offline

Merge Catgirl – Combination of Catgirls is an interesting and exciting game in the simulation genre with a theme and content of girl games. This game is made and designed for free and developed by the Korean studio Mist game. Merge Catgirl is available for the Android operating system and is available to Android users worldwide on Google Play. Farsoroid has once again as the first Iranian website introduced and published this game on the web and has provided the latest update of the game along with a modified version for you, friends. If you pay attention to the name of the game, you will probably understand its main style and context. Merge Catgirl is made in the style of Merge games, which have expanded and gained many fans in recent years. Some of the most important and famous of these games are titles like Merge Kingdom, Merge World Above, Merge Zoo, Merge Dragons, Merge Dragons, and Merge Town, all of which we have previously introduced and presented to you in other Farsoroid articles. Merge Catgirl is also made with a similar concept to these games, but its theme is slightly different from other games you have seen, and in this regard, it should be said that Merge Catgirl has new and unique features and perspectives.


Merge Catgirl


In the game Merge Catgirl, you play as a café owner named Cat Cafe. The café is run by many employees, all of whom are teenage girls, or as they call them, Catgirls. These girls are not ordinary humans and are a combination of humans and cats, hence their name. Your task is to upgrade these girls by combining them. This upgrading process is done just like in all puzzle games. To upgrade one of the characters, you must combine her with another character who is exactly the same to create a new girl, and this process should continue as much as possible because upgraded characters have more abilities. You can keep these upgraded Catgirls busy in your café and earn money and points through a clicker gameplay. With the money you earn, you can buy various items from the store section and expand the game’s progress. The game’s designs and models are in 2.5D and all characters are designed based on East Asian manga, especially Japanese. Despite its fantasy and girly appearance, the gameplay can be quite entertaining and challenging. To learn more about Merge Catgirl, you can watch its trailer video and then download it from the tested section of the Usroid download box, if you wish.