Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scanner v5.8 – Applicable and powerful Android metal detector application
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Humans are always trying to use a simple and logical solution to meet their needs. Sometimes tools are invented to solve these problems, which ultimately solve not only one problem but many of our needs. Metal detectors are also among the tools that have different applications in different conditions. Metal detectors, like other devices in the world, have several types and several different configurations, in each case we need a specific category of them. As you know, getting a metal detector is not only difficult but also very expensive; Because the simplest of these metal detectors, which are used to detect pipes and wires, cost several tens of dollars! For this reason, in this post, we have decided to introduce you to a wonderful program in this field, relying on the capabilities of the Android operating system. Metal Detector – EMF detector, Body scannerTitle is a powerful and functional metal detector application developed by KTW Apps and published on Google Play. Relying on the Android hardware system, this software helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful metal detector at no cost. To use this startup, all you need is your smart device to support the magnetic sensor; Then you will be able to meet your needs for a metal detector in different situations. Two metals, iron and steel, support this software, and the results of the scans are displayed by changing the data. You can easily track these changes through a chart and reach your goals. This startup not only supports multiple units of measurement, but also provides you with a set of specialized settings that you can change according to your circumstances.

Some features and capabilities of Metal Detector – EMF detector, Android Body scanner program:

  • Turn your Android device into a powerful metal detector
  • Supports the detection of two metals, iron and steel
  • Can be used to identify wires and pipes
  • Metal detection by modifying data
  • Access to multiple units of measurement without any restrictions
  • A set of specialized settings for flawless exploration!

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Metal Detector - EMF detector, Body scanner