Metal Soldiers 3 v2.99 + Mod – An action-packed and very entertaining game “Iron Soldiers 3” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money = free purchase) separately
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Metal Soldiers 3 – سربازان آهنین 3 is the third installment of the popular and entertaining Metal Soldiers game series, developed and created after the success of the previous two parts, Metal Soldiers 1 and Metal Soldiers 2. Like the previous games in this series, it is created by Play365 studio and is available on Google Play in the action genre. This time, Usroid, as the first Iranian Android website, introduces and reviews another game from this series and has provided the latest version of it in both regular and mod versions for you dear ones to try for free. Join Usroid in a comprehensive review of this game. Metal Soldiers 3 is designed with the same language as the previous two parts, and its overall structure is exactly the same as the first two parts. Its main style is 2D Arcade Shooter, which is offered with action and platformer elements. This game, along with other games in the Metal Soldiers series, are inspired by the popular and old title Metal Slug and, by taking ideas from classic old games, they are considered an attractive collection in this genre.


Metal Soldiers 3


In the game Metal Soldiers 3, you once again take on the role of the heroes of the story and go into battle against enemies who have set out to destroy you and your lands, attacking you and your bases with a massive army. You can choose your desired hero from various characters and follow the story with that character. Metal Soldiers 3 is a completely 2D platformer game. Your main task is to move the game character using buttons and virtual pad controls, jump over obstacles, shoot at enemies, and …. Your enemies are equipped with the latest military technologies, and not only foot soldiers but also other military equipment such as tanks, helicopters, and even robots come to fight you. In Metal Soldiers 3, there are more than 100 different levels designed, the difficulty of which increases gradually. You can choose your desired hero from 9 different characters. However, it should be noted that these characters do not have any special differences from each other. You can also use a wide range of weapons and military equipment against enemies. Timely reactions and proper use of necessary equipment are your main requirements for winning this game. Metal Soldiers 3 has simple but attractive cartoon graphics that, along with its tense and action-packed gameplay, can be even more exciting than graphic and heavy games. If you are a fan of this type of game and 2D Action Platformer and 2D Arcade Shooter games, without a doubt, this game can entertain you. So don’t hesitate and download this game for free through the direct links on the Usroid website and start your exciting action adventure in the game Metal Soldiers 3!