Metaphysics – Pixel Retro Roguelike v10 + Mod – Arcade and fun game “Metaphysics” for Android
Ordinary version + Mod version (Unlimited Money) tested separately
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Metaphysics – Pixel Retro Roguelike – Metafizix is a very interesting and exciting game in the arcade style of the platformer game category, which was designed and developed by the Korean company BangsFactory for free and published on Google Play to Android players around the world. They can easily download and install it on their device. As usual, this time for the first time among all Iranian sitesWe will prepare this game and provide it to you dear ones along with a modded version so that you will be one of the first players to experience this fun title. Metaphysics – Pixel Retro Roguelike, as its name suggests, is a Rougelike-style retro game in which you will see a lot of fighting and action scenes. The game is based on the classic and nostalgic titles of Arcade with pixel and retro designs, and in this regard, BangsFactory has done a very good job of implementing this graphic style on this game. This idea not only optimizes the game and enables it to run on even weaker devices, but also greatly reduces the final volume of the game. But at the same time, the good and fun Metaphysics-Pixel Retro Roguelike experience is still very noticeable in these designs.


Metaphysics - Pixel Retro Roguelike


In the game Metaphysics – Pixel Retro RoguelikeYou will be in the role of various heroes such as rabbits, ghouls, elephants, chickens, etc., who are in front of an army of the evil forces of the enemy and must fight for honor! There are no linear stories or adventure content in this game, and this has even been quoted by the game’s creators. This game has the shape and image of platformer games and its totality is followed in a not so big box. Each stage of the game is about your heavy and close battles in the role of various heroes with all kinds of enemies in a relatively small place. You can use a variety of items and weapons to deal with enemies. After confronting a large number of enemies and destroying them, now it’s the turn of the great and dangerous bosses and monsters that will be difficult for you to deal with and overcome. The game can be played with simple virtual controllers that are marked on the image. There are two virtual buttons to move to the right or left, and a few buttons to the right of the image to jump or attack. This game is wonThe relatively good score of 10 out of 5.0 has become very popular among players. The latest version of Metaphysics – Pixel Retro Roguelike is now available for download with a modded version of Usroid servers.