Meteor – App Speed ​​Test v2.16.0-1 – Android Internet Speed ​​Test App App
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Meteor – App Speed ​​Test is a professional and practical program for accurate internet speed testing of Android smart devices developed and published by If you’ve noticed, some speed testing programs are for network professionals only, and regular users can’t easily use them. Due to its unique capabilities, this application, in addition to network engineers, makes it possible for ordinary users to use it and measure the exact speed of their Internet. With the support of its smart system, Meteor examines the type of communication you have and gives you its speed with special algorithms. The measured speed is not just a moment and is displayed according to specific time intervals and after several different tests. In addition, it is important to know that speed is tested on multiple applications to significantly increase the accuracy of the measurement. All connections are supported and the two download and upload speeds will be measured simultaneously.

Some features and capabilities of Meteor – App Speed ​​Test for Android:

  • Dedicated and unique method for measuring speeds
  • Supports two speeds of download and upload
  • Display the exact amount of internet ping
  • Supports a variety of connections such as WiFi, 3g, 2g and…
  • Access to the history of all speed tests performed with the results
  • Supports speed testing on various applications
  • Speed ​​measurement at different time intervals to increase measurement accuracy

The Meteor – App Speed ​​Test application has been able to get a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 with thousands of votes from Play Store users, and now you can download the latest version of this program for free from the Usroid site without any ads .


Meteor - App Speed Test