MetroLand – Endless Arcade Runner v1.14.4 + Mod – A very entertaining arcade game “MetroLand” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
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MetroLand – Endless Arcade Runner – مترولند: آرکید رانر بی پایان is another title from the famous Kiloo studio, created and released in the arcade genre. Kiloo Studio became world-renowned for creating the revolutionary and incredibly popular game Subway Surfers and became one of the first companies to develop Android games. More than 8 years have passed since the first version of Subway Surfers was released, and since then, dozens of other companies and studios have designed and developed similar games based on this game, with the Bus Rush series probably being the most famous of these games, which have a lot of similarities to Subway Surfers. But finally, after years of silence, Kiloo game studio has created a game similar to Subway Surfers with similar features, graphics, and gameplay, to once again attract the attention of millions of mobile gamers worldwide and continue the revolutionary trend it had created. Usroid proudly announces that as soon as this game is released on the web and after reviewing it, it will quickly publish the final and complete version of this game, along with a modded version, for the first time in Iran, inviting all arcade and record-breaking game enthusiasts to download the beautiful and exciting game MetroLand – Endless Arcade Runner.


MetroLand - Endless Arcade Runner


MetroLand – Endless Arcade Runner could be considered a new generation of Subway Surfers or a relatively different and perhaps more evolved version of this game. In this game, just like Subway Surfers, you are playing as a teenager who is running away. While in Subway Surfers you were running away from the train officer, in MetroLand you are a bigger criminal and you will be running away from special forces. The overall gameplay is in the style of Arcade Runner, which is summarized by escaping from special forces and navigating through dangerous and obstacle-filled paths. Along the way and while running away, you must collect score items (coins) and special items. With the coins you earn, you can buy additional items, more characters, and customized options. By obtaining special items along the way, you can also add special abilities to your character. This time, you can also run away from the roofs of houses, in addition to the streets and cars, buses, etc., and experience much more excitement. The main style of the game is based on high scores, which means that this game will probably have no end, and will continue until you make a mistake and collide with something else. The game challenges seem a bit more difficult than normal for a simple and cartoonish game, and if you can leave a good record, the game will make it much harder for you. To download and experience the unique and beautiful game of MetroLand – Endless Arcade Runner, you can visit the download box section of Usroid and easily download the latest regular or modded version of the game from the site’s direct links.