Mi: Always on Display Premium 1.4.4 – Android Always-On Display Application
The full and premium version of the app worth $10.99

Android smartphones always surprise us with their unique features! Many of these features are not only attractive but also practical and easily meet our needs. Mi: Always on Display is an application that keeps the mobile screen on at all times, developed by newGen Mobile and published on Google Play. This software adds an extraordinary feature to the use of smartphones, creating a special feeling for users when the screen is off. Using this application allows you to keep the screen always on! However, you may think that permanent display has no benefit or disrupts battery consumption; but we must say that there will be no problem for your Android phone. After installing and launching the Mi: Always on Display application, pressing the power button will show a black matte screen with colorful strips around it. In this black and always-on screen, various information is visible, including the most popular one, which is the clock. You don’t need to turn on the screen to see the time or battery percentage, and this information will be available to you instantly. One of the available features is the ability to customize all the elements on this always-on screen, from battery percentage to weather, date, and more. You don’t need to turn on the screen continuously to check your notifications, and you can view them directly on this screen or even respond to them if you receive a message. In addition, the strips around the screen can also be customized. As mentioned at the beginning of the description, the battery and processor consumption of this application is optimized and can be considered close to zero.

Some features and capabilities of the Mi: Always on Display Android app:

  • Create a unique and beautiful always-on display page
  • Use very little or almost zero battery and processor
  • Attractive colorful bars when receiving notifications
  • Ability to activate elements such as clock, date, weather information, etc.
  • Control music playback without turning on the display
  • View a list of received notifications with the ability to directly respond to them
  • Beautiful animations when connecting an Android phone to charge

The Mi: Always on Display app, with its special and likable features, has been released by its developer for free along with in-app payment of $10.99, and has attracted the attention of thousands of Android users. You can now download the latest premium version for free from the huge database of the Usroid website.


Mi Always on Display