Microsoft Remote Desktop v10.0.11.1142 Final – Complete and unique application for managing virtual servers in Android!
The original and official version of the program at the request of your loved ones

Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta is a unique and complete program in the field of virtual server management by Android devices, which has been published by the well-known and reputable company Microsoft Corporation . All users who deal with Internet servers have undoubtedly used the Remote Desktop Connection program in Windows many times and used it to control their virtual servers (VPS)! The Microsoft Remote Desktop application , the latest version of which we have now provided for you, is able to connect to these servers like Windows and provide you with control of these servers with similar and simulated features. It may be interesting to know that in the tests performed by us on this program, its speed is higher than the Windows version and your commands are executed quickly! Microsoft Remote DesktopIt also supports audio and video streams and can display them as fast as possible! It does not matter how many virtual servers you use, because the named program is able to manage hundreds of virtual servers without any slowdown. After installing the program and entering the virtual server, you will see two options at the top of your smartphone screen that by touching the right option, you can access a fully professional keyboard, and by touching the left option, you can quickly connect the servers together. Switch!

Some features and capabilities of Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta Android app:

  • Access all remote server resources
  • Ability to specify Gateway for each server individually
  • Rich multi-touch experience
  • Complete simulation of Windows movements
  • Complete and unique keyboard for server management
  • Completely secure communication protocols using NLA technology
  • Fast switch between servers
  • Ability to import information from hundreds of servers simultaneously
  • Play audio and video streams
  • High speed in executing commands
  • And…

Applications Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta has been downloaded by more than a thousand active points 4.1 to 5.0 by the users on the Play Store can now receive the newest version of the site Usroid get it! It is better to point out that the beta version of the program has more capabilities than the original version, and the manufacturer puts its new features on the beta to be notified in case of problems, and after ensuring that the feature is not a problem in The beta version adds it to the original version. [Beta added soon]


Microsoft Remote Desktop