Microsoft Translator v4.0.482i – Microsoft Android smart and powerful translator application
The latest version of the program at the request of your loved ones

Microsoft Translator is the title of one of the most powerful translator programs for different languages, published by the famous and reputable company Microsoft for Android. Using a unique and special system, Microsoft Translator covers more than 60 different languages ​​around the world and provides accurate and fluent translations to its users. Various methods for translating texts are included in this application, among which we can mention word-for-text translation so that on many of your trips you do not need to learn other languages, and only with language. Speak for yourself and get the translated text. Other capabilities of this software include connecting two devices to each other and real-time translation as you type in your desired language and its live translation is engraved below your text! In addition, unlike many translators, you do not need regular internet access to use it permanently, you just need to download the languages ​​you need through the program to be able to translate your texts offline at any time and place.

Some features and capabilities of Microsoft Translator Android application:

  • Translation of more than 60 different languages with support for Shirin Farsi language
  • Translate your conversations by connecting two devices live
  • Ability to translate speech to text
  • Download languages to use the app offline
  • Translate text from images
  • Pin important conversations and translations
  • Access to the pronunciation of words to learn languages correctly
  • Share texts or translated words with other apps
  • Support for Android smartwatches
  • List of the most common texts in various categories and all language


Microsoft Translator intelligent translator with its support of various features has been able to allocate more than 5 million active downloads and received a score of 4.5 out of 5.0, which you can now download the latest version published by Usroid site Kurds.


Microsoft Translator