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Middle Earth Heroes is the name of an adventure game that has been released for Android devices by the game development studio Revontulet Soft Inc. Middle Earth Heroes has a very simple gameplay and its mechanics are not particularly complex. This game takes you on a great adventure where you have to fight against the forces of darkness and cleanse Middle Earth from their grip. In the farthest reaches of Middle Earth, the forces of darkness are awakening. The king of darkness, named “Hashim”, has taken charge of the forces of darkness and has imposed war on humans. In just a few years, more than half of Middle Earth has been swallowed up by the forces of darkness. Meanwhile, a wizard named “Michel”, after passing the test of the gods, managed to obtain the “Light Stone”. The “Light Stone”, which is a magical stone, has the power to vanquish the forces of darkness. “Michel” divided the magical stone into 4 pieces and gave each piece to a hero. Each hero obtained a type of power from the magical stone and now the heroes have entered their own quest to defeat the king of darkness. While this storyline is not the most original storyline you have ever seen, it still creates the necessary motivation to enter the game stages and fight against the monsters and strange creatures. However, unlike the storyline, the game’s combat system is very intelligently designed, new and creative, and also allows you to have many gameplay features at your disposal. Your hero moves to the left and right using the virtual joystick embedded at the bottom of the screen. When there are no enemies on the map, a portal opens and you can take your hero to the portal and enter the next stage. When the hero stands still, he automatically attacks the enemies. The closest enemies in your range will be the first enemies that the hero attacks, and this attack begins by releasing your finger from the virtual joystick.


Middle Earth Heroes


In the game Middle Earth Heroes (Battle Faith: Heroes), the hero gains experience points or “XP” by defeating enemies. When this gauge is completely filled, the hero levels up and can learn new skills and improve their abilities. This helps you to easily defeat enemies. Each time the hero levels up, you can choose one of three skills that are randomly presented. Additionally, usually after a few stages, you encounter an angel that gives you various rewards, such as recovering the “HP” gauge. There is also a chance to receive drops by killing enemies. These drops help you fill the “MP” gauge. When the “MP” gauge reaches a certain level, you can execute an “Ultimate” skill. To execute this skill, simply hit the virtual joystick twice to activate the skill. Like most games of this genre, you can also earn coins and loot in the game. The game’s user interface is very simple and has six menus. None of these menus require explanation and their purpose is clear. However, the most important menu is the hero menu. Overall, you have the power to choose from four heroes or four classes in this game. As mentioned earlier, each of these heroes has their own special abilities and features. Warrior: Has better combat power and better attack, defense, and resistance. Archer: Has better ranged combat power and is an enemy nightmare. Wizard: Has more attack power and deals more damage to enemies. Summoner: Controls ghosts and can throw them at enemy lives. This excellent gameplay, along with stunning graphics and unique sound effects, will provide you with an exciting and entertaining experience, and we definitely recommend that you try this game. Middle Earth Heroes has managed to score 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Android market, and the team at Usroid intends to provide you with the original and modded version of the game, completely tested and free of charge. You can now download this game through the direct links provided at the end of the article.

1 – In the mod version of the game, you can receive new rewards in the store without seeing any ads.
2 – The original installation file format of the game is apks – after downloading the compressed file from Usroid, extract it and click on the apks file with the file manager app to install it!