[Mindly (mind mapping) v1.16 [Unlocked – a unique application for sorting ideas and thoughts in Android Unlocked
version with all the features presented to you dear ones

Mindly (mind mapping) is an efficient program for sorting personal thoughts and ideas by dripgrind company for Android operating systemIt’s been published. Organize your inner world with this application! With the daily spread of work problems and preoccupations, people’s minds are busy and they can not summarize their ideas or concentrate their thoughts. Mindley helps users of Android devices to categorize their thoughts and ideas with a very smart yet simple system so that they can focus on them. In addition to organizing ideas for other activities such as work projects, arranging important points before the meeting, writing a quick summary and., This software can be used and can be used to the fullest. After summarizing your ideas, thoughts and activities, you can easily remove unnecessary points from the created chart so that you can better deal with the generalities and essential points of your activities. One of the admirable features of Mindly is its support for notes, icons and images for every point created in the software. After arranging all the notes and created options, you can extract your mind map and save it on your smart device.

Some features and capabilities of Mindly Android application:

  • Ability to create an infinite hierarchy of elements
  • Add notes, icons and images to each created element
  • A collection of different color schemes for different elements
  • Visual clipboard to reorganize content
  • Export mind maps in PDF, OPML, Text formats

Due to its unique feature, Mindly application has been able to receive a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users in the Play Store, which you can now download the latest version of Unlock without the need for in-network payments from Usroid ; The free version available on Google Play has some paid features and can be paid for, but our full version has all the features that do not require payment.


Mindly (mind mapping)