Mind map & note taking tool – MindMeister v5.57.1 Mind mapping tool
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The human mind has a very complex structure and thoughts and ideas are created in many different ways. At present, human science has not been able to fully understand how the human brain and mind work and provide a practical way to make better use of it. Of course, experimentally, different methods have been created over time that can be used to produce ideas and thoughts in a more practical and efficient way. One of these methods is brainstorming in which the minds of different people are exposed to momentary processing and different ideas are extracted from them. Various tools are needed to be able to use these methods. These tools are essential for recording and visualizing ideas and thoughts, and today we are at your service with one of the most complete software for this purpose. Mind map & note taking tool – MindMeisterTitle is an application for managing and visualizing ideas and thoughts, specific to the Android operating system, developed by MeisterLabs and published for free on Google Play. Use this app to organize your thoughts and ideas on AndroidYou can draw your thoughts and ideas in the form of graphic maps and organize them. For example, with this program, you can draw your ideas and thoughts about managing a project and the steps of various tasks in a very beautiful and intuitive way. This application helps you to organize, prioritize and even generate new ideas. The projects you create with this program and the maps you create with it can be output in various formats and you can share them with others. All the elements and tools that you may need in managing your thoughts, projects, meetings and ideas are best embedded in this program so that you can use it as a smart assistant to increase the productivity and efficiency of your mind. Kurds.

Some features and capabilities of Mind map & note taking tool – MindMeister Android :

  • Ability to create graphic maps of thoughts and ideas
  • Keep all data on cloud storage for easy syncing of all devices
  • Quick and easy sharing of app information with others
  • Multi-touch support for tasks such as zooming, moving and…
  • Ability to use different icons, colors, frames and themes to create a map
  • Provide output of program information in pdf format and Word file
  • Ability to store favorites in a separate section
  • Ability to output maps as images and PowerPoint files
  • Can be used to manage meetings and use brainstorming methods such as brainstorming

Application Mind map & note taking tool – MindMeister a versatile tool for better management and powerful mind that with Android’s user satisfaction rating of 3.9 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the professional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v5.57.1 : 

* Improved program stability and bug fixes


Mind map & note taking tool - MindMeister