[Mindroid v5.2 [Pro – an interesting and practical sound therapy application for Android,
professional version with access to all features

The sounds around us also have healing properties due to their different frequencies, such as colors and stones, which doctors sometimes suggest using sound therapy to achieve relaxation and relieve stress; You may even know that sound affects the brain to some extent, which is sometimes used as a tool to torture and instill mood swings. Usroid site, as the first and top Persian-language Android website, has introduced various softwares to achieve peace by soothing sounds, which have been welcomed by you dear ones. Today, as in the past, we intend to provide you with a wonderful program for your regular companions. Mindroid Pro Unlocked is a great application for voice therapy and achieving peace of mind for Android smart devices.Developed and published by Urbandroid Team. As mentioned in the description above, Android can be separated from all stress relieving programs due to its capabilities. All you have to do is put your headphones in your ears and close your eyes to witness the unique masterpiece of this software in achieving peace. The frequencies sent by this app affect the left and right hemispheres of the brain and take the mind out of any unbalanced frequency so that you can get rid of any unpleasant sensations in the shortest possible time. In addition, and contrary to the descriptions of other sites, you should know that in addition to audio stimulation, this program acts like an AVS device and affects your visual system at the same time as your hearing system.




Mindroid application has been able to attract thousands of people as one of the best software available in the field of stimulating brain frequencies and bringing users to peace, and has more than half a million active downloads, which you can now download. the professional version of it without any Mhdvydyty from Usroid downloaded.