MineChat v13.3.0 – Chat application and server management for Minecraft for Android,
the purchased and complete version of the program for $ 2.99 for the first time in Iran

Minecraft is one of the most popular open world standalone games that has many fans around the world. In this game, like many other games, you can create or purchase your own dedicated servers so that you can experience an attractive game with Minecraft enthusiasts. As you know, servers are controlled by commands, and a special code must be entered for each command. MineChatThe title of a chat and mine management application is Minecraft, developed by Kelly Productions for Android and published on Google Play. This software helps Minecraft server owners to easily manage their servers as much as possible and send commands with just one hint. Easily enter a list of forbidden words so that they are not displayed by other users if they are sent. Unlike many clients, there are no restrictions on adding a server to the program, and you can add multiple servers to suit your needs. Reset the points with your special commands, cake users or ban some of them. It is also a good idea to know that this startup app can connect to offline or online servers without any problems.

Some features and capabilities of MineChat Android application:

  • Quick and easy management of Minecraft servers
  • Supports multiple server management simultaneously
  • Support for Minecraft offline and online servers
  • Make a list of forbidden words to not display when chatting
  • Execute various commands with just one hint such as resetting points, cakes or user ban and…
  • Minecraft support 1.4.6 and above

The MineChat app has been released on Google Play by its developer for $ 2.99 with the help of several different and interesting features in the management of Minecraft servers. Now you can buy the latest version without any restrictions from the web. site Usroid downloaded. This program has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran.

Versions v13.3.0:

* Minecraft support 1.14.3 and 1.14.4