MiniWall Wallpapers v1.0.5 – application for a collection of beautiful and colorful wallpapers for Android,
purchased and complete version of the program for $ 0.99

MiniWall WallpapersTitle is a professional application consisting of a collection of beautiful and colorful wallpapers developed by ArrowWalls and published on Google Play. Today, if you look around, many people use smart devices in different operating systems. When we unlock our smartphone screen, the first thing we encounter is the background image. For this reason, having a beautiful wallpaper is one of the best ways to increase the attractiveness of the screen and its personalization. There are a variety of ways to access these images, each of which somehow meets our needs. But if you notice, many of these wallpapers are duplicates! That’s why we need to look for a dedicated and unique software. As the best Persian language Android website, we have introduced various apps in this field so far, and in this post, we want to introduce you to a new title. Undoubtedly, MiniWall Wallpapers is one of the best startups that you can make the most of its wallpapers. Anyway, in this post we have decided to review this smart app; So join us.

MiniWall Wallpapers A world of different wallpapers

One of the most important things that sets MiniWall Wallpapers apart from its competitors is the great variety of wallpapers. In previous posts, we have introduced software that provides you with custom wallpapers, but it must be said that they do not have enough variety. In this application you can access a collection of 450 special wallpapers; Wallpapers created by the development team and the best colors are used in them. Another thing you should pay attention to is the very high quality of the existing wallpapers. All of these wallpapers are in 4K quality and make the most of your display.

Accurate and intelligent categorization

One of the things that the developer of MiniWall Wallpapers has paid special attention to is the precise categorization of all the wallpapers in it. Users will never be confused when using this startup and will be able to find a wallpaper that suits their taste with just one hint. The wallpapers in this collection are not only simple, but also try to use the best color palettes in them.

Simple and beautiful user interface

Software UI is one of the topics that developers do not pay much attention to when building their applications. It has been seen many times that many popular startups do not have an attractive user interface; But the maker of MiniWall Wallpapers, knowing this, has tried not only to offer great wallpapers, but also to design the user interface and dashboard with great precision. Do not assume that you only have access to 450 wallpapers after installation; Because the design team is trying to provide you with new and dedicated wallpapers twice a week.

Some features and capabilities of MiniWall Wallpapers Android application:

  • Access to a collection of beautiful and attractive wallpapers
  • Very high quality wallpapers in the database
  • Use the best colors along with minimalist designs
  • Categorize all wallpapers in their specific groups
  • Option to quickly search for your favorite wallpaper
  • Daily and weekly wallpapers updates
  • User-friendly dashboard and UI

The MiniWall Wallpapers application has been released by its developer for $ 0.99 with a variety of features and capabilities in terms of access to unique and unique wallpapers, and has received a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 by users. Now you can download the latest version of this smart app for free from Usroid website .


MiniWall Wallpapers